My Story

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about my story of how I became in love with this Fantastic product called Scentsy. My family has always loved to burn candles throughout the house. We use to struggle finding the right candle holders for the right candles, the safest, the best smelling and try to make them part of the decor. Just got to the point that we drifted away from them and unknowingly started to miss the comforting smells throughout the house. We happened to stop in at a little flea market in our small town and stopped to visit a friend who just happened to be selling the product. Respectfully, we asked for a book and brought it home thinking there is no way we will find and agree on any of the "pots" to melt the smelly things. Were we wrong! There are styles, designs and sizes to satisfy all, match most any decor and work for any room, camper or heck, even if safety respected, could be used in a lived in semi-bunk! We called her later that day to request a chance to smell the testers. She popped over and entertained us with so many different smells, the decisions were difficult. Needless to say, she left with an order for multiple warmers, bars and reassurence of more orders to come! Scentsy has provided my family with comforting smells for our home, all 3 of our vehicles, our camper and even for ourselves with products from the sister line of body fragrances from Layers by Scentsy! We have recentlly been able to visit with another long lost friend that happens to also sell these products. She wanted to introduce it to us, but we advised her we were good as we already have the warmers and some bars. She said yes, BUT...have you seen the product for the laundry, the body lotions, the hand wash, the ...I simply said...ok, put the coffee on! Needless to say, we have doubled our products! We are so in love with the entire line, I thought I would step out in my spare time and spread the love of the product! Now we get to enjoy something we love and it doesn't cost a thing. With sharing my love of the product with others, I am earning enough to keep our family stocked up, with a little extra spending cash for a bonus! Thanks again for taking the time to read my story. Looking for that special gift, way to relax, refresh or reflect, contacting me, would only make Scents!! Hope to hear from you soon. She. <!--endbody-->